Mission Statement

As is the primary mission of the college in general, the Department of Athletics strives to serve students as part of the student's general education and equip the student for success in higher education, employment and citizenship skills.  This department also recognizes a commitment to the student's success in overall well-being. Our department also recognizes our accountability and professional commitment toward this important responsibility. 

Specifically, through the vehicle of athletics, we strive for the following goals:

  1. Provide an environment that emphasizes the physical as a component of the individual, and in so doing provides a holistic learning experience. We recognize that the physical component of our division is unique and allows for a different type of learning experience.

  2. Enhance student health and welfare.

  3. Provide support and guidance in academic progress.

  4. Conduct our programs ethically and promote ethical conduct in the student.

  5. Provide a forum for amateur athletes as part of the educational experience.

  6. Create an environment in which the student will strive to excel in athletics.

  7. Create an environment in which the student will choose a lifestyle of fitness and overall healthy habits.

  8. Provide equal opportunity for students of diversity.

  9. Improve the fitness and health of the student.