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Emergency Procedures

In the event that an injury should occur in the absence of an Athletic Trainer, the injured athlete should be referred to the athletic training room at once for evaluation. If the injured athlete is incapacitated, every effort should be made to contact the Athletic Trainer. If the coach perceives the situation as a life-threatening emergency situation, he or she should call 911 and explain the situation. When it is practical to do so, the coach must notify the Athletic Trainer of the situation.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency:

1. Locate a person to stay with the athlete.

2. Call 911 (Emergency Medical Services) if you are at an off-campus sports venue.  If on campus, call campus Sheriffs at x7843, who will call 911.

3. Call the Athletic Trainer.

4. Provide care to the injured athlete, if you are trained in First Aid/CPR/AED.

5. Stay with the athlete until more advanced medical personnel arrive.

Non-Emergency situation:

In the event that an athlete is injured and the situation is not an emergency, contact the Athletic Trainer at (818) 364-7600 x4567 or on the mobile phone. Arrange for the athlete to be taken to the Training Room for evaluation.

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